Youth Alive® Strategy
Empowering Students
Students Reaching Students
Campus Missionaries
Youth Alive® exists primarily to empower students to reach their peers for Christ. We provide resources and discipleship training for students to be encouraged as they take the challenge to see their schools as a Mission field, and become our Campus Missionaries(CMs)!
Each year, we invest into these students with Back-to-School retreats, a Missions Trip, Peer Mentorship, and a constant support system for CM's, along with partnering with the SNEMN District Events like Summer Camp, Speed the Light, and Fine Arts.
Students all across the United States wake up every morning and dread going to school. They see school as something they just have to get through and utter, "If I can just make it through until graduation..." 
Campus Missionaries decide to see their school, not as just another thing to get through, but as a mission field that needs reached. They take on the challenge to Live for Christ and Make Jesus Known on their school's campus through prayer, serving others, and telling their friends about the Gospel of Jesus. 
Connecting Leaders
The Vision of Youth Alive® is to come alongside leaders and connect them to eachother. Youth Alive®: SNE will work to connect the School Leadership with the Leadership of the Local Church
Youth Alive® works directly with the local church leadership in dreaming of ways that they can selflessly serve the schools in their area. As the Church, we should desire to serve the schools in any way possible to have a positive influence in our communities. We have seen churches hold backpack drives, serve at concession stands, clean up after sporting events and plays, and even purchase new equipment for the school facilities! All of this is done without the need for recognition, but to simply serve the schools without asking for anything in return.
As a new organization to Southern New England, I work diligently at contacting school districts and introducing Youth Alive. We want to serve the school and help them make the best environment possible for students. Principals and Superintendents know what their schools need best, and we will work with the schools to develop initiatives that the local church can support. Schools can see ways that the local church can be their biggest resource, without breaking any church/state laws. In this way, I serve as a liaison between the school districts and local churches.
Youth Alive® strives to create a healthy relationship between churches and schools to have a greater influence on our students.
Reaching Schools
By empowering students and connecting leaders, we can reach every student in every school in Southern New England!
Youth Alive® Bible Clubs
Youth Alive® will assist in the development of sustainable Youth Alive® (YA) Bible Clubs. Campus Missionaries that wish to take the next step in reaching their school can sign up to start a YA Bible Club at their school. After telling their Youth Leader about their decision, they can contact me so that I can give them the best resources available. We have a pre-made constitution and bylaws for a bible club that outlines the procedure and intentions of each club. If called upon, we can work with the school district on informing them of student rights and their responsibilities to the students to allow a bible club in their school. We work to provide a safe environment for Christian students to freely express their beliefs on their school campus.
7 Project School Assemblies
With the cooperation of Middle and High Schools, the 7 Project provides a dynamic, multimedia presentation to the students about making good choices.
We provide the principal with 15 possible topics that the principal can customize to their school. They choose their biggest needs, then we hold a 40 minute assembly that challenges the students to make choices that can help them to live "The Best Life Ever!" 
Check Out the 7 Project Website at !
Community Outreach and Evening Events
Should churches and community groups desire, we will have a final event in the evening that coincides with the 7 Project. This is a separate event, not sponsored by any school, that provides churches with a week-long plan of outreach and a special event at night. During this event, we provide students with another choice they can make so that they can live "The Best Life Ever!" That choice is to choose to follow Jesus Christ. John 10:10 Jesus states that He came so that we may "have life, and have it abundantly." The Best Life Ever! includes an abundance of spiritual fulfillment through Jesus Christ. At the evening service, we provide students the opportunity to confess Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, and to live for Him in their school, workplace, and community. Through this aspect of the 7 project, we can transform an entire community.