About PK
Pastor Kevin Zurrica
Always ready for a challenge, an ambitious, young Kevin Zurrica accepted when his younger brother, Tim, said he could beat him in a race...
Kevin rode his bike, with the newly removed training wheels lying in the yard, and his little brother rode his blue, 3 wheeled, plastic little tyke tractor. Around the house in opposite directions they raced. At the front of the house, kevin waited for Tim to appear from around the corner. "I'll teach him to challenge me!" he said to himself. When Tim was visible, Kevin bolted forward to play a game of chicken, and run his little brother off the sidewalk. As Kevin neared, Tim didn't stray from his course. "You Fool!" Kevin thought, as he slammed head-on into his little brother. Tim flew forward and landed face first on to the concrete, knocking out one of his front teeth. 
That competitive spirit followed Kevin throughout his entire life. His ambition led to a life of drugs, alcohol, and gangs. When he was 14, Kevin attended a Christian youth camp that changed his life forever. He turned away from his past and turned his ambitions towards a higher calling, to warn students that the choices they make today will affect their lives forever.
Kevin's deep desire to impact students led him to become an on-call mentor to students with a missions organization in Georgia, and soon he became a full-time Youth Pastor in Connecticut. While involved at the local church, Kevin worked towards bringing restoration to students from diverse socio-economic backgrounds. He has effectively helped students who struggled with substance abuse, anger, self-harm, depression, and many other issues students face. Behind all of his efforts, Kevin knows that it is only through the power of God that students receive forgiveness and restoration. His heart is to see students transformed by the love of their Savior, empowered by the Holy Spirit, and impacting their generation.
By empowering students, building relationships between schools and the local church, developing bible clubs, and dynamic school assemblies, Kevin's ambition, commitment, and passion for students drives the ministry of Youth Alive® to complete the challenge of reaching every student in every school.
Kevin Zurrica is available to speak at Church Services, Youth Events, Youth Groups, Schools, and other events to encourage and empower students to live for Christ on their school and to make choices that ensure they can live "The Best Life Ever!" If you are interested in having Pastor Kevin Zurrica come to your church/event, visit the Contact Us page.